What Are the Best Tips for Styling a Clean and Minimalist Watch with a Suit?

For many women, the art of styling their man’s wardrobe is a creative and exciting process. It is a task that requires a blend of fashion savvy, an understanding of his preferences, and an ability to marry different elements into an elegant, cohesive whole. Of course, a crucial element that often finds its place in a man’s attire is a watch. This timepiece is more than just a functional device. It’s a statement, a hint of his personality, and a key accessory that can make or break his outfit.

When the suit comes into play, styling becomes even more significant. It’s not just about the type of watch, but also the color, the strap, and how it complements the suit. This article aims to guide you on how to style a clean, minimalist watch with a suit.

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The Minimalist Watch

Over the years, the minimalist watch has become a classic choice for men. The simplicity, functional design, and timeless appeal have made it a favorite for both casual and formal settings.

A minimalist watch typically features a simple face, free of excessive details or embellishments. The color palette often leans towards blacks, whites, or gold. The strap, usually leather or metal, complements the watch face without overpowering it.

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Styling a minimalist watch takes a keen eye for detail. Less is often more, and the aim is to let the simplicity of the watch shine. Matching the watch’s color with the suit’s shade is an effective strategy. A black suit, for example, can be paired with a black or gold watch for a sleek, coordinated look.

The Suit

Selecting the right suit is as crucial as choosing the right watch. The suit’s style, color, and texture play a big part in determining the overall look.

For formal events, a black or navy blue suit is always a safe bet. They exude elegance and sophistication, making them a perfect canvas for a minimalist watch. For a more casual setting, a grey or brown suit can provide a relaxed but still stylish appearance.

The color of the suit you select should ideally match or contrast well with the watch, creating a balanced and harmonious look. A navy blue suit with a gold watch exudes a royal elegance, while a black suit with a black watch gives a clean, sharp appearance.

Styling with the Strap

The watch strap is an important aspect that equally contributes to the overall style. Leather straps are a popular choice for their classic appeal and versatility. They can be paired with almost any suit and still look great.

For a formal look, opt for a black leather strap. It’s timeless, sophisticated, and perfectly matches a black or grey suit. For a more casual look, a brown leather strap provides a relaxed and warm appearance.

If your man prefers a metal strap, keep in mind that it should match other metals he might wear, like cufflinks or a belt buckle. A stainless steel strap is a great option as it pairs well with both casual and formal suits.

The Smart Casual Look

Sometimes, your man might not need to don a full formal suit but still wants to look stylish and well-put-together. This is where the smart casual look comes in. A minimalist watch can easily slide into this fashion style, providing a simple yet eye-catching accessory.

For the smart casual look, you can pair a minimalist watch with a blazer or a sports jacket. Match the watch with the outfit’s dominant color or choose a contrasting color for a pop of visual interest.

At the end of the day, remember that fashion is about personal expression. Encourage your man to wear his suit and watch with confidence. That, after all, is the best accessory anyone can wear.

Dress Watches and Minimalist Watches

Dress watches and minimalist watches often seem interchangeable owing to their clean lines and understated aesthetics. However, they do have subtle differences. Understanding these variations can help you make an informed decision when choosing a watch and styling it with a suit.

Dress watches, traditionally, are elegant, thin timepieces that easily slide beneath the cuff of a dress shirt. They usually sport a simple white face, devoid of any complicated features or functions, and come with a black leather strap. It’s a type of watch that beautifully complements a black tie suit, adding an air of sophistication and class.

On the other hand, minimalist watches, as the name suggests, follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy. You won’t find an overload of details on the face or strap. The idea is to focus on the essence of timekeeping without unnecessary distractions. These watches, too, blend seamlessly with suits, contributing to a refined and stylish appearance.

When choosing a watch to wear with a suit, consider the event and your personal style. For formal events, a dress watch would be more appropriate, while minimalist watches, with their versatile charm, work well for both formal and casual settings.

Remember, it’s not just about matching the watch with the suit but also ensuring the watch reflects the wearer’s personality. After all, a watch is more than a timekeeping device. It’s a statement of personal style.


Styling a watch with a suit may seem like a daunting task, but with a few thoughtful considerations, it can indeed become a fun and creative process.

The key here is harmony – a balance between the watch and the suit, the colors, the textures, and the overall image you want to portray. A minimalist watch with its clean design and timeless appeal can be a versatile accessory that complements almost any suit, making it a popular choice among watches men might choose.

Pair a black suit with a black or gold watch, or a navy suit with a gold watch for a royal flair. A leather strap, especially a black leather one, can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ensemble. If your man prefers a bit of shine, a stainless steel strap, matching other metal accessories, is a great option.

Also, remember that fashion rules are not set in stone. They are guidelines to help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, how your man wears his watch with his suit should reflect his personal style and confidence.

And lastly, whether it’s a formal event or a smart casual gathering, ensure the chosen outfit and watch make your man feel comfortable and confident. As mentioned earlier, confidence is indeed the best accessory anyone can wear.